• Why you don’t answer me?

I get many messages every day, so it’s a bit complicated to answer everyone. My sincere apologies for not answering you, but you can be sure that I read every message. (Or perhaps you asked something that has already been answered on this page.)

  • This is a personal blog?

Yes, it is. As much as I love Tom Hiddleston, this blog is not totally dedicated to him.

  • Which program do you use to make your graphics?

Adobe Photoshop CS5. 

  • Can you give me the link to download?

Google it.

  • What are your favourite fonts?


  • Can you give me your PSD?


  • How do I make a gif?

Check out here

  • How can I make a “graphics”/tags page?

Take a look here!

  • Where do you download films?

I buy my films in Blu-ray version.

  • Can you give me the link of that interview?

I’m sure you can find for yourself.

  • Why do you reblog yourself?

I want my new followers appreciate my work as my old followers. It’s annoying? Maybe, but it’s not something I will change. If you follow me be aware of this fact.

  • What the tag “13” means?

It’s my birthday date. 13, July.

  • How many followers do you have?

It only matters to me.

  • How many people do you follow?

Shit loads.

  • Follow me back?

Sorry, but no.  I don’t tend to follow back people who ask, it’s very embarrassing.

  • Why did you unfollow me?

Perhaps we don’t share the same tastes anymore or you’ve posted something that I didn’t liked. I will not answer if you ask me. 

  • Check my blog?

No problem, but that doesn’t mean that I will follow you.

  • Promo for Promo?


  • Where are you from?

Sao Paulo, Brazil.