Anonymous asked:

Do you think your obsession/strong feelings for Tom will fade away as time goes by?

I’ll be honest with you… Please, read until the end. 

I believe that the euphoria of liking someone, especially an artist, is temporary. It’s like when you fall in love with someone you know. In the beginning, is that uncontrollable passion, you want the person all the time, most of time you just can’t concentrate yourself and so on. With time the passion turns into love. And by my consent, love is something more quiet, serene. You can love someone and live normally, without even thinking about this person for 24hrs. I truly believe this will happen to me in relation to Tom Hiddleston. One day, we will have a life outside of the computer, sooner or later. Many of us will have a family, husband, kids… But I’m sure one day I will see that man with an Oscar and I’ll think, “I am very proud to be your fan.” Because no matter the intensity of the love or even if you don’t feel that passion of the beginning. What matters is… to love. And I will always love him, I’m sure of it. 

One day I might be thinking of watching a movie and when I read his name in the cast and I will remember the times when I was so passionate about him and I’ll think “This man is an excellent actor. Worth the ticket”. I hope one day I can tell to my children about this extraordinary man and say how much he changed my life. Things like this are forever. We don’t need to remember this everyday of our lives, you know, about how much we love someone… Because these feelings are eternal and will always be with us, just waiting for the right moment to remind us.

dalekshavetheimpalaat221bbakerst asked:

What are your Favorite things about Tom? 5 Physical things, and 5 about his personality and 5 any other things~ :)
  • The order doesn’t matter.

5 things about his personality:

1. He’s clever. He speaks several languages. His vocabulary it is amazing!

2. He’s very articulate. He always know what to say.

3. He’s extremely polite. With his fans, with interviewers. He always calls women of “Darling”.

4. He’s humble, even with all the success he has. He always treats people as equals.

5. He sense of humor is epic. He’s always joking, saying funny things. And the best: It’s intelligent humor.


5 things about his physical:

1. His hands. He has the most beautiful hands I’ve ever seen. Especially the long, long fingers.

2. Smile. I love his smile. It’s a genuine smile. It brightens my day.

3. His eyes. He speaks with his eyes. He’s always very emotional and passionate with his characters, you have to notice his expression.

4. He’s 6 ft 2. I love tall men. And he’s a fucking giant, actually. LOL

5. His legs. Especially the way he sits. I don’t need to explain about it.

5 Random things:

1. He’s English. I love English people.

2. He’s a fantastic actor. One of the best I’ve ever seen.

3. He tends to repeat many words. I’m a creepy fan, so I noticed. He says “There you go” all the time.

4. His quotes. His vision about the world, about people.


That’s all. Sorry for the long post, but I love when people ask me questions about him. 

Anonymous asked:

So what is it about Hiddleston that you love? Don't just say everything either because that's no fair. Details about every little thing you love about him. GO.

- He is clever, articulate, passionate, mature, wise, funny, kind and humble. 

- I love all his interviews, especially because it inspires me to be a better person. 

- He makes me smile with little things, especially when he’s gentle and so much polite with people. Just to hear “Bless you” makes me happy like crazy. 

- He is super talented, I am proud of the love he has for his characters, the way he talks about them is incredibly beautiful. One of the reasons why I love Loki so much, especially because I became a fan of him first than I became a fan of Loki. 

- I love how he treats the fans, he’s the most popular person in the cast of Avengers and is still humble as hell. 

- His smile takes my breath away especially because it is a genuine smile.

- He sings, he plays guitar, he dances, he speaks several languages, he is English.

- He expresses himself very well, he knows exactly what to say at the right time and proper moment.

- Basically, he is one of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met. If I was close to him I would gently ask for a hug, but not in a sexual way, I just wanted to tell him that he’s my role model, a daily motivation for me to be a good person. And that I’m very proud of his success, that he deserves everything good in this Earth and so much more.

I know how hard he fought for it and he deserves every fan, every person who truly loves him. Basically, he deserves everything, everything. God bless that man. I love him very much, indeed. <3